Combination safe

This is remix of combination safe made by Chu Tek ( I also use TOROID_designs ( parts in my remix. The main change is in parts IK and 1-KC-xx which in combination with the new NL, ensure a more accurate selection of desired number.

Combination safe
Assembly instructions

I use standard bolts used in computer for mounting expansion cards, master plate and other stuff on chasis. Only CW needs a little bigger bolt (different bolts can be used).

IKP, IKPS, 4-KP and 1-KP parts are attached to coding rings with glue. I also use glue for attaching mark to SD and to secure pins on RP2 parts in place.

NL part is used for regulation of CW rotation.

Set your own combination is difficult. There is discussion on original model page, but I didn’t find out how to code specific combination. So I just set pins on random slots and after mounting CW, I turn coding wheels to find out combination that corresponds to given pin position.

All .stl files can be found at .