My designs

For 3D designing I use Blender software. It’s free, not too complicated and offers many options for 3D designing. At the beginning I used it for creating 3D animated models for different purposes – from animated logos to short animated movies. Later I found it can be great tool for 3D printing – designing models from scratch or tweak models created by other authors. For model slicing I usually use Cura slicer.

Little calendar house

One of my first designs. Simple and not to big. It’s just for hang my daily calendar block in appropriate place.

Speaker stand.

OK, now we know basics – let’s try something similar but a little more complicated. It must be strong enough to hold a speaker, have fittings for attachment screws…

Battery storage box.

Now, we can play a little with shapes and dimensions. Box has slots for different batteries: AA, AAA, 9V block and even for some button batteries. Finally I have all spare batteries in one place.

Spool holder

Ender 3 comes with some simple filament spool holder, but it is very basic. So I decided to create a new one. It has printed bearings and can hold spools up to 1 kg. I have add some adapters for different spool types. Can be downloaded at Thingiverse or My mini factory site.

Spool holder adapter

I have nice spool holder now, but my printer is placed on very inconvenient place, and spool can’t be on a top. So I’ve created adapter for placing filament spool on left side of the printer.

Nozzle box

Solution for store some spare nozzles and have them organized by different sizes. There is also a slot for nozzle torque wrench, 6 mm socket and nozzle tools from original Ender 3 tool set. Download at Thingiverse or My mini factory site.

Hex bits organizer

Inspired by nozzle box, just to have all in one place. Download at Thingiverse or My mini factory site.

Weather station

Just to see if outside is windy 🙂

Wind direction and wind speed gauges have a small metal ball bearings inside for smoother action.


Simple lighthouse model for saving my ships in bad weather. Inside the tower are 2 AA batteries with LED flasher electronic circuit, so it flashes like a real lighthouse. Download model at Thingiverse or My mini factory site.

Housing for electronic component tester

I bought electronic component tester from China. Works fine, but it came without housing, so I made one by my own.

Desktop organizer

Desktop organizer with USB, SD and micro SD cards slots. Download at Thingiverse or My mini factory.

Dsedoldering pump raplacement cap

Spare cap for deoldering pump. 3D model can be downloaded at Thingiverse.